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My patients continue to tell me that Anesthall is the best product they have ever used.

Dr. Hal M. Miller B.A.D.C.O.

My patients tell me that the other brands would just burn and not relieve any pain, but with Anesthall, it gives them total pain relief and helps them return to their daily activities. I recommend Anesthall to all patients both young and old, they all love it.

Charles Zabala P.T., Director of Out-Patient Services Hill Medical Center

My Physical Therapist rubbed my back with Anesthall to treat my lower back pain and the pain was gone. Since that time I have been using Anesthall on my back before walking, and playing golf, and found it to have relieved the pain that I had prior to using it. My friends have found it to relieve their pain as well.

Riley Mattson- Washington Redskins

I'm a Physical Therapist working in industrial rehab, we see lots of cumulative trauma disorders and strain injuries. I decided to use Anesthall clinically and started offering it to patients with strain injuries & tendonitis. I also use it frequently as an anti-inflammatory with ultrasound treatments. Almost all of the patients I have used Anesthall with have noted decreased pain & more rapid recovery. My daughter and I both use Anesthall and have found it effective in decreasing our pain and s

Blaise A. Colasante, PT

I have tried everything but Anesthall is the only one that works for me. It is the only product that relaxes my muscles.

Megan Anthony- Whittier Ca.

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