Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Active ingredient in Anesthall?
Methyl Salicylate is the active ingredient in Anesthall. The Pain Relieving Cream contains 6.1%.

How does Anesthall work?
In the skin are nerve cells that receive pain signals from the brain. It is believed that Methyl Salicylate blocks the receiving points on the cells disrupting the pain message. The pain is diminished with the use of Anesthall.

Does Anesthall contain Menthol?
Yes. Menthol brings a cooling effect to the skin. It also has a mild anesthetic effect.

What other products are available?
We have a number of products in many developmental stages. They will be available in the near future.

Can I buy Anesthall locally?
Some local pharmacies and professionals currently carry Anesthall for sale. Please inform professionals in your area about Anesthall so more will have it readily available.

Can consumers purchase Anesthall?
You may purchase Anesthall from our products order form on our website.

Can I use Anesthall with ultrasound equipment?
Anesthall should not interfere with any ultrasound equipment or procedures.